Mr. Brightside

Picture this: it’s 2004, you’re in the back seat of your dad’s car driving to god knows where, when all of a sudden you hear the first riff of an electric guitar filter through the radio, playing a song that (although you don’t know it yet) will be an anthem you love and know for the rest of your life. Only one song comes to my mind. It’s one of the first songs this Las Vegas, Nevada band ever wrote. It’s one song that absolutelyeverybodyknows. It’s one song that has kept itself in Billboards Hot 100 going of 15 yearsnow, “Mr. Brightside,” by The Killers. Although the song never reached number 1, it reached the top 10 in 2005, and sits at 86 as of 2018. Can you wrap your mind of maintaining a billboard spot for 15 YEARS?

The Killers album Hot Fuss

Mr. Brightside is not only lyrically pleasing (and because it repeats it is easy to remember), it tells a story about a man’s paranoia and jealousy over the suspicion of his girlfriend cheating. The composition of the music is also beautifully composed. An interesting fact about this is the Guitarist, Dave Keuning wrote the music before he ever even met the lead singer, Brandon Flowers, who wrote the lyrics to the song shortly after getting together. From the minute that first note plays you are immediately ready to sing along, and that sentiment has clearly stuck around.

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